7 Health Benefits Of Borlotti Beans

7 Health Benefits Of Borlotti Beans

by Lucia Sellers

So, you’re considering adding borlotti beans. Or you might have heard about it. After Kale, spinach, apple, and avocado, it is the new superfood that is creating all the rage in town. Now, there are many fun and healthy Borlotti beans recipes out there that you can try. But before that, take a look at the health benefits of consuming it. Here we go:

1. Powerhouse Of Plant Protein

Borlotti Beans are great for vegans and vegetarians. It has a fantastic quantity of protein (around 17 grams of protein in a cup). This protein content has all the nine essential amino acids that are usually found in just meat products. This makes it a great choice for body-building or keeping yourself fit as it brings you all the benefits of protein.

2. Maintains A Healthy Diet And Lifestyle

Borlotti beans are low in glycemic index. As a result, they won’t spike your blood sugar or insulin levels. If anything, they will keep it at bay and work well just like the complex carbs and other similar food items. The beans are vegan, have a great supply of vitamins and minerals, including copper, iron, potassium, folate, protein, fibre and more.

3. Works Well For Cardiovascular Health

Blood pressure is an integral part of maintaining cardiovascular health and borlotti beans help in this department. Borlotti beans have a great content of potassium, and iron, with low content of sodium. While sodium is bad for your blood pressure, iron is great for blood and potassium is great for the blood pressure.

4. Fantastic Nervous Health Promoter

There’s another essential vitamin, known as folate, found in the borlotti beans, naturally. You will find folate in supplements that you might have to take. However, as borlotti beans are natural in it, they promote the healthy growth and production of RBCs (Red Blood Cells) and other nervous tissues for optimum neural health.

5. Great For Digestive Health

We all know that fibre plays an important role in maintaining gut health and regulating your bowels. It is also essential for great digestive health and that is what borlotti beans bring to the table. They have all the right things to help and regulate your digestive system without causing any problems. Unlike other beans like kidney beans and chickpeas, you won’t have a problem in digesting them. They won’t cause bloating or gastric problems, either.

6. A Must-Have For Pregnancy

You could call borlotti beans a superfood when it is related to consumption during pregnancy. As you can see, it has everything, from protein to vitamins and minerals. All these elements are essential for the healthy growth of the child in a womb. More importantly, it is also great for the mother as it provides them with energy and nutrients. The nervous development and promotion of growth is a plus point.

7. Great For Weight Loss And Lean Mass

There are certain supplements that you have to take to maintain low body weight or fat loss. However, borlotti beans can naturally promote lean mass, keep you fulfilled, and assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits to earring borlotti beans, and weight loss, with lean body mass building, is one of the leading benefits.

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