How to Decorate a Cake Like the Professionals

How to Decorate a Cake Like the Professionals

by Lucia Sellers

Decorating a cake is no easy task and it takes a long time to learn how to do it like a professional but if you follow the right steps, you can achieve the professional look for your cake without having to study especially to master this art.

Decide the Look of the Cake Beforehand

You must plan how you want the cake to look before you start with the baking process. Decide on the size, shape, and most importantly, the taste of the cake. Once you have a clear idea of all of the above, proceed with the baking process while preparing all the materials that you will need to decorate the cake.

Split the Cake

When your cake is fully baked and out of the oven, you can start the process of decoration with the first step of splitting the cake. If your cake is tall, split it into at least 3 layers and if it is short, then 2 layers will suffice. Smear some buttercream in the same area of the cake board which will be occupied by your cake, so that it stays in place. You need to even the top of the cake and for that, you will have to slice away the domed part with a serrated knife, so that it becomes flat. After that, gently split the cake with a sawing motion.

Get the Crumb Coat Done

After you have successfully split the cake into different layers, start filling each layer with frosting. Once that is done, freeze the cake and then bring it out for the crumb coat. The crumb coat helps you keep your final buttercream layer free of the mess of crumbs by applying a thin coat of frost first.

Cover it Nicely With Frosting

When it is time to apply the final layer of frosting, smear a generous amount of the frosting of the colour of your choice on the side and from the bottom, and bring your spatula upwards to spread the frosting nicely and evenly on the cake. Keep doing that, and after the sides are covered, start on the top.

Use Piping to Draw Patterns

Fill the piping bags with the frosting you wish to draw the desired patterns with and use different frosting tips to create the designs on your cake.

Sprinkle Toppings Wherever Needed

There are a wide variety of toppings available on the market that can be used to decorate the cake according to the occasion. Use the ones that you have picked for your cake and sprinkle or place them in the desired spots.

Don’t Go Overboard

The sign of a professionally decorated cake is that the decoration doesn’t go overboard. It enhances the look of the cake instead of making it look gaudy. So, try to keep the decoration to a sensible level instead of using all the tools at your disposal and chaotically covering the cake with designs that don’t go together well.

The Bottom Line

These are a few steps that can help you decorate your cake like a professional. To get a look at the art of the cake decorating professionals, you can get M&M Ice Cream Cake – Cold Rock Ice Cream Cakes from Cold Rock Ice Creamery.


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