Here’s a Little Advice for Putting Together Your Own Successful Garden Wedding

Here’s a Little Advice for Putting Together Your Own Successful Garden Wedding

by Lucia Sellers

How beautiful is the idea of getting married in a garden? Sounds magical right? Well, it sure is! Nowadays, most couples prefer a scenery that is more close to the nature than just formal. It can be your own garden or anybody else’s, the idea is to keep it small, but intimate. So once you have selected a perfect one out of many garden wedding venues, there is still a long way to go to have that perfect wedding . We all feel more connected to nature in today’s time and it is not at all surprising that brides and grooms choose to hold their big day outdoors especially in summers within a garden full of magic. Although the idea of holding a wedding in a garden might seem easy and cheaper than other venues, it requires a lot of planning and effort. Here is a little advice for putting together your own successful garden wedding.

Make a Guest List

You surely would not want the garden to be overflowed with guests, right? Well, in order to avoid that, it is important to come up with a guest list. Know how many people you want to invite to your big day and most importantly, who. The idea of holding wedding in a garden is to keep it limited to less people, meaning, people you are close to. Even if you are not planning a small wedding, lets be realistic – a garden can only fit in a limited number of people. Hence, it is crucial that you list down the people you want to invite.

Select a Garden

If you are planning to organize it in your own garden, all you need to do is get a gardener for a few weeks to enhance the beauty of it. It might also include a new planting scheme. Whereas, if you are planning to carry it out in some other garden, it is going to be a bit harder. There are certain factors you need to consider- there should be some form of shelter in case if there is a sudden change in weather. The garden should not be too muddy – there should be some bathroom facilities available nearby, and parking space should be available nearby for the guests. Also, you should know what the garden might look like at the time of year you are having your big day. Once its selected, there is no need for any extra decoration since you will already be surrounded by natural elegance.

Make The Most of It

Now all you need to do is order a wedding cake and hire a catering firm. Also, do not forget to have some good lighting arranged in the garden to make it look more beautiful and Insta worthy. Have some good background acoustics set up and you are good to go!

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