Make the Most of the Outdoors this Summer

Make the Most of the Outdoors this Summer

by Lucia Sellers

Whether you have just moved to a new property or you have resided there for several years, you should start planning on how to make the most of your outdoor space this summer. For the best results, you will have to do the upgrades intentionally. So, for the best results, you might need to spend at least one hour with a professional designer. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Style the outdoors in a similar way you style in the indoors

Everyone would want to sink into a sofa and enjoy a glass of wine after a long tiring day. Doing that under the sun would be more relaxing. Outdoor furniture has evolved from plastic sun loungers and folding chairs to the modern colourful furniture. If you would never place some furniture pieces inside your house, do not place them in your garden. Seats featuring thick luxurious cushions will make bespoke seating in your garden. Go for furniture pieces with waterproof base units so that in case of unfavourable weather conditions you will remove the cushions.

Create a flow if space is small

With the increase of apartment living, people are working to create more living areas from their balconies. Folding furniture and deck chairs are ideal for limited spaces, but you will hardly kick back and completely relax in them. By adding your interior colour scheme to your yard or balcony, you will create a good flow between these two areas. A better way of doing that involves selecting robust durable pieces that have a similar tone to that of your interior furniture. Colour continuation will make a flow between the areas and create a seamless living space.

Take some traditional indoor items outdoors

Your living area would never be complete without adding decorative accessories to the outdoor space in a unique way. Therefore, you should never forget to add personal touches to the outdoor space. Candles, cushions, and beautiful bowls will help you create a beautiful garden. Moreover, if the weather turns nasty, you will be able to round up the times quickly and tuck them inside. Some of the permanent outdoor fixtures to try to include a mirror to reflect the favourite parts of your garden and all-weather artwork like wall tiles.

Create an outdoor focal point

Most indoor spaces allow placement of more furnishings. A quick example, your living room might have a striking feature wall or a large fireplace. Most kitchens come with a central island that people will gravitate towards. You can replicate that in your garden too. To maintain your garden theme, consider constructing a spa. Most recently, people have started adopting spas for their gardens due to the associated benefits. If you are looking for a cost-effective option, Just Spas will help you achieve that.

Consider outdoor heating

Central heating might not sound easy for most individuals, but it will definitely replicate the outdoors. A heating place will provide numerous ways of staying warm during the cold weather. For example, a fire pit will provide you with warmth and a focal point. And if you fancy alfresco dining in form of roasted or smoked foods, the outdoor heating is a great choice. You can also add warmth in the outdoor by draping bright colourful throws on your outdoor furniture. Apart from boosting the appearance, they will function as insulating blankets in cold weather.

If you want to make an outstanding outdoor space, walk around the town and ask yourself whether your compound provide the curb appeal. If it does not look attractive or structurally sound, start planning on how to improve it. The tips will help you through the process.

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