5 steps in catering for a premium event

5 steps in catering for a premium event

by Lucia Sellers

Caterers have a massive responsibility over their head. Some might even say that catering is the most essential element for any event. It can decide whether the event is a hit or miss.

Catering includes planning the menu and maintaining coordination between the staff to make sure that the event stands out among all other typical ones. If you have been given an opportunity to cater at a particular event or just looking to polish your skills, then keep reading as well will tell you 5 key steps that will definitely make you a master caterer.

Step 1: Whose attending

It is imperative that as a caterer, you know your guests, people who you’d be serving. For example, if it’s a corporate event, then business professionals might be attending. You need to make sure your catering is presented in a professional manner based on:

  • Guest’s ethnic background
  • How frequent these people attend such events?
  • Their location where they reside
  • Their professional profile

Step 2: Guest Preferences

Take time and research on what your guests might prefer to eat and understand their interests. This will help you in deciding your menu and what options you should offer. To meet your guest’s need and plan better:

  • See if any senior members are attending
  • Any vegan guests or people who are highly health-conscious
  • Any spicy food lovers

The basic idea behind this research is to make sure your guests love the event, and your food should be the highlight.

Step 3: Provide Choices in Menu

While you are already doing your best to entertain your guest’s preferences, you need to understand that a single entrée can never please everyone. Provide different entrée and menu choices to the guest so that they are pleased with the meal.

Step 4: Include Fresh and Seasonal Items

When you are selecting a menu, make sure you are in with the season so that the ingredients are as fresh as they can be. It is also important that you consider in which region you are and what are some of the popular dishes in the locality. For example, in some regions near the coast, seafood is very famous while in tropical areas fruit-related dishes are eaten.

Step 5: Presentation

Ok, so up till now we told you everything you needed to know about what to serve, but never forget about the how part.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your food tastes if it’s not appealing to the eyes, people might not eat it. It is crucial that you have professionals who understand the aesthetic appeal of the food.

If you have an upcoming event lined up, then browse here for premium catering in Melbourne and make your next event a massive success.

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