Hire vs. DIY Building Services For Your Next Cafe? The Perks and The Downfalls

Hire vs. DIY Building Services For Your Next Cafe? The Perks and The Downfalls

by Lucia Sellers

DIY projects involve several parts that might require the help of a professional. For example, an architectural designer or architect will take your design idea and make a project that you can build easily. However, to find a good professional, you have to conduct thorough research. Moreover, you will have to remain on one page with the professional because they are the ones to interpret the ideas at the end of the day.

It is good you start by interviewing three professionals, particularly those who complete projects by themselves regularly. You should not engage a local professional just because he/she is local and cheap. Keep in mind that he is a big investment and you need the right professional for some jobs like domestic and commercial rubbish skips.

According to Wells Fargo, each homeowner should expect to spend around 1-2 per cent of the total price of their home on repair each year. Remember that the amount relates to routine maintenance solely. For major remodelling jobs, you should plan to use something more. By engaging a contractor, you are likely to spend around $9000 on bathroom remodelling, $15,000 to remodel your basement and around $20,000 to remodel your kitchen. For most of the jobs, labour is the biggest expense.

Deciding on the jobs to complete the DIY way

DIY comes with many benefits such as saving some cash, the buzz of completing a task, but depending on your health and safety, you should leave some jobs to the experts. The data from New Galaxy has revealed that people in Australia are spending around $1,500 each year to fix damages that result from DIY fails. That totals to roughly $3.53 billion each year to the economy.

Some tasks around your home are dangerous and you, therefore, need the services of professional and specialized equipment to complete them. Before attempting any project, the DIY, you have to do some research to know the rules that apply in your location. If you are in any doubts, consult an expert. However, that does not mean that you should never get your hands dirty.

A single paint coat or two will make a huge difference in your home. Start by washing the walls, filling any holes and laying the drop sheets. If you are one of the ambitious people, take some landscaping jobs such as building raised garden beds, laying the footpaths and building timber decks. Moreover, you can ensure that your swimming pool is in the right shape.

Some of the jobs you should not try the DIY way

For some jobs like electrical, gas, plumbing, air con or any structural building work, you should hire a licensed professional. The data from the Galaxy shows that nearly 64 per cent of people in Australia will hire licensed professionals because they lack the skills and knowledge necessary for completing the jobs.

By opting to complete such jobs the DIY way, you are more likely to get yourself in trouble. If something goes wrong, no insurance policy will pay up. If a critical job occurs, it is reassuring to know that there are various ways of finding a skilled trade for the job.

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