The Don’t of Online Fashion Shopping.

The Don’t of Online Fashion Shopping.

by Lucia Sellers

Perhaps, the number of times you have found yourself telling others to leave you alone just because you have a bad day is uncountable. Many people have had their bad days too. However, there is a good way to avoid the bad days, particularly if they are a result of bad shopping. The following shopping tips will help you break the bad shopping habits and buy what you only need.

Do not use a credit card to shop

When using your credit card to shop, you will not be able to track your budget. You will not see your money coming out of your wallet physically and therefore you will lose the reminder that you are actually spending your money. Debit cards have overdraft protection and spending a larger amount of money than you had planned.

A credit card will have a limit, but you are more likely to tell yourself that you will pay them off. Use cash shopping and take only the amount you are ready to spend. Buying a new purse is fine if you have budgeted for it. After the money gone, you will know that it is the time to go home.

Do not shop because you are bored

If you have nothing good to do during your lunch break, you are likely to find yourself in the mall. Free Friday nights are also perfect for visiting the restaurants or shops downtown. If you have been doing that, shopping has been a pastime or hobby instead of a necessity. If you shop out of boredom, both online and in-store, you will overspend and buy the items you do not require – that will clutter your home and bust your budget. To fight boredom, look for other good activities. Catch up the best podcasts or call your friends for coffee.

Do not store your credit card information online

Some people find it easier to store their credit card information with online retailers instead of finding a wallet, computer and keying in the details when completing every purchase. However, that will make it easier to purchase items that you do not want with a few keys. By doing that, you are also likely to provide hackers with your credit card details. If you lost the phone or computer, your information will be compromised. Do not save your credit card details on a shopping website. That way, you will make the shopping process hard. Try the black wide leg pants in Australia before shopping for any other piece.

Avoid impulse shopping

Impulse shopping causes spending outside the budget. However, it is hard to avoid impulse shopping. If you walk near a store and notice a jacket that you could not live without, it is easier to whip out the credit card and buy exactly what you need. To avoid that, know the items you already have in your closet and acknowledge anything that triggers your shopping.

Do not give in to peer pressure

Whether it is shopping with your friends, keeping up with your craving for new items or meeting up at a mall, your influences around shopping will always be people. Peer pressure will always contribute to buying without thinking or purchasing something that is outside your price rang. If you shop with people who have large budgets than yours, you will spend more than you plan. Choose all your shopping partners wisely.

We all have bad habits, but if your bad habits are influencing you to overspend, think of how to start reining yourself in. Shopping should not be part of your hobbies – think of shopping as a necessity. Make your shopping for clothes less impulsive and purposeful.

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