5 Baking Tips with Your Kids

5 Baking Tips with Your Kids

by Lucia Sellers

In this current situation of the COVID 19 pandemic, most of us are in isolation at home. Keeping yourself entertained for so long can difficult let alone with kids. Keeping children busy is very important during this time.

Keeping kids busy will help them stay in a routine, help in their growth, and also keep you sane. This is because bored kids mean trouble and tantrums. This is why we suggest that you make them grab their tiny step stools and join you in the kitchen for baking.

Baking is an excellent way to release energy and create something beautiful. It is also an activity that the children will thoroughly enjoy and it will keep them occupied for a while which is a plus point.

We have compiled together a list of a few tips that we believe you and your kids could use to enjoy baking together and creating food that is a treat for both. These are easy, simple, and can lead to a smooth baking session. You can get premium ingredients online, for example, you can now buy wagyu beef online in Australia.

1.     Let your kid pick the recipe

Letting your child pick the recipe you both will be baking is always helpful. This is because it will help keep them interested for longer. Children have very short attention spans hence they lose interest very easily. However, when the recipe is of interest to them, they will make more effort and stay interested for longer.

2.     Gather it all

Before you begin the process of baking, make sure you gather all the pans and ingredients beforehand. This is because if you don’t, you will end up with a disaster. Kids love to touch things, add things, and mess with things. Leaving them unattended for a small period of time even can lead to a mistake that you may not be able to fix. This is why having all the things arranged beforehand will help the process move forward smoothly otherwise you’ll have cookies that are stuck on parchment paper.

3.     A learning opportunity

The thing with baking is that it involves a lot of precision and science. It is an excellent way to teach your children about math and science. Through the measuring of ingredients, you can help them practice their math like addition and multiplication. Also, through the addition of ingredients like baking soda, they can learn more about chemistry. Baking is a great opportunity to teach about allergic foods that they can or cannot eat. It will help them understand their own body as well.

4.     Buy tools for kids

Instead of letting children use tools that you use, buy them their own. Not only will this make them feel special, but it will also be a great opportunity to pique their interest. Bigger tools made for adults will be difficult for them to use, so buying these will be perfect for them.

5.     Licking the bowl

Let the kid lick the bowl. A lot of parents tend to discourage this practice. However, after the hard work your child puts into the baking session and after all the mixing and adding, they deserve a treat. By letting them lick the bowl you’re letting them have fun and reap the fruit of their hard work.

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