Five amazing Christmas decoration ideas that are light on the pocket

Five amazing Christmas decoration ideas that are light on the pocket

by Lucia Sellers

Christmas is coming and yes, there is still time but it is the ideal time to start thinking about how we will decorate our home this year and thus have time to prepare everything with peace of mind and without being caught in the rush of the last moment.

This instead of thinking about a Christmas party venue hire, try these economical Christmas decoration so that you do not leave the budget in the ornaments and you can dedicate it to other things, such as gifts. You will be surprised at everything that can be done in an economical and simple way just by putting a little love. Are you coming to discover it?

1. Branches for an ecological Christmas

An idea that we love and is that we have already talked about the lot of probabilities that branches offer you when decorating at home, also at Christmas. Create your own ecological and design tree with some branches and old Christmas ornaments, for an original sea result. Also if you have a small tree at home you can decorate it as if it were the typical fir tree and get a very nice and minimalist effect that we love. Why a simple Christmas is possible!

2. Snowmen with old clews

For lovers of crochet, sewing or crochet nothing is easier because surely you have a lot of clews on hand. This year creates a beautiful snowman with some old clews, original and that beautiful and fun. You will not find a simpler craft because you only need the balls, some buttons, twigs and some thread.

3. Very natural candle holders for an economical Christmas decoration

Candles is another of the typical elements of the Christmas holidays, now we tell you how to get the most original candle holders with oranges and have some very original and natural candle holders this Christmas. In addition they will bring smell and a colorful touch to your table or some corner of your home. We love the idea! And they are 100% recyclable which will also bring your grain of sand to the environment.

4. Glass boats full of charm

And we have already talked about the recycling of glass and all the options it gives us to decorate in our home. But also at Christmas it can be a very good option to have a nice and simple centerpiece that will also serve to decorate any corner. You just need some transparent boat, add candles, maybe some snacks, Christmas lights with some Christmas touches like pineapples or holly and you will get an economical Christmas decoration element full of charm and without complications. And after Christmas you can continue using it to decorate at home or recycle, as you prefer. A romantic touch to any corner!

5. A ladder like a tree

Another smart and effective solution for this Christmas, take advantage of the wooden ladder that you barely use to make it the center of attention this Christmas. The wooden stairs have a classic charm and shabby chic taste that can give a lot of play when decorating at home, also at Christmas. Some time ago we told you how to recycle them to decorate at home, do not miss it!

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