How to Get Cookies Stuck Off of Parchment

How to Get Cookies Stuck Off of Parchment

by Lucia Sellers

Imagine its Christmas evening and you start a batch of fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies for Santa. Your kids are excited and joyful. The batter turns out amazing and tastes yummy too. Everything is going smoothly until you take those delicious chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. They smell so good and are piping hot except, they are now stuck to the parchment paper and refuse to get off. You try your best and you just cannot get them off. Doesn’t this sound like a horror story?

If you find yourself in such a situation, worry not because we have come to the rescue. Below are a few tips for you to get those pesky cookies off the parchment paper and to your kid’s belly. This will save you from the entire tantrums and crying the kids will do when they find out about the disastrous cookies. But if you do want fresh, delicious and mouthwatering cookies that definitely have no parchment paper on them, then try Suprima Bakeries. They have the most delicious, healthy and gooey cookies that will make Santa very happy.

  1. Stay cool

After the cookies are done, you can remove them from the oven. Then you need to lift the parchment paper off the baking sheet and place it on a cooling rack. Then let them cool off for a while before you take them off the parchment paper. This is because of the fact that when cookies come out of the oven, they are still very soft and crumbly. As they cool down, they start to harden and maintain their shape. Hence, it will be easier for you to get cooled cookies off the parchment paper rather than warm, just out of the oven cookies. However, if your cookies are underdone, they will usually stick to the parchment so make sure the cookies are done fully. ‘

  • Hot Towel Trick

The hot towel trick is one that can actually get your cookies to release themselves from the parchment paper. Once the cookies are out of the oven and cooled down, then you can use this amazing trick. Take a towel and use it when it’s warm. Then take the parchment paper the cookies are on and set it into the towel. Leave it for a while and then peel off the cookies easily. At times, what happens is that the sugar from the cookies does not incorporate well and starts to stick to the paper which makes it hard for the cookies to come off. At times, the cookies are undone too. So this trick helps in peeling the cookies off.

  • Loosen Up

This trick is used by all people around the world and seems to the easiest to get stuck cookies off of the parchment paper. You take a thin knife or spatula and insert it underneath the cooled cookies. You loosen their base enough that they slide off the parchment. At times, you need to peel them off the parchment with the help of this tool which also works.

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