5 Pantry Organization Ideas and Tricks

5 Pantry Organization Ideas and Tricks

by Lucia Sellers

Making sure that your kitchen is organized is one of the biggest priorities a homeowner has. Having your pantry organized is very important because it helps you feel in control of your house and gives you a sense of calm. In these times where things are so uncertain, keeping your pantry organized and having a sense of control is one of the things that will help you feel better mentally. So this is why we have decided to give you tips and tricks for pantry organization that will help you keep it clean and organized. If you are looking for pantry cabinets, then pantry cabinets at Kaboodle are the best ones to go for.

  1. Inventory

The best way to start organizing your pantry is to start with inventory. Sorting out your stock is the most important step. First, make sure that you pull out everything and clean it. This will help you understand how much stock you have, it will help you clean your house and it will tell you exactly what else you need. Put like items together so you don’t have to search for them all over the place. For example, pasta, lentils, rice, etc. This will help you know exactly what you have in stock and what you will need to get on the next grocery run.

  • Group like items together

The best way to organize is to group like items together. This is because it will help you know what you need and where exactly to find it. For example, gather all the pasta together and put it together. You should gather the lentils and put them together and do the same for nuts and seeds. Also, make sure if you have kids, you have a snack corner for them so they know exactly where to go and do not raid the whole pantry. Make sure to keep the items that children may be allergic to in the farther end of the pantry to minimize allergy risk when cooking at home.

  • Plan with the rest of the family

If we consider the truth, your pantry is often raided and disorganized by the kids. So the best way to organize is to keep your children and other family members in mind when you plan. This will help keep your pantry organized for longer and will keep it cleaner. Also, make sure you keep the regular eating items in front so they are easily accessible and can be retrieved easily without a problem.

  • Eye-level

When you organize things, make sure that regularly used items are kept at eye level. This will help you retrieve the items faster, will not disrupt your pantry and it will also save you a lot of time. As you will know exactly where the essentials are and will help keep your pantry organized. For example, if you are on a Paleo diet then nuts and seeds are an essential part of your diet and need to be placed in front.

Keeping your pantry organized is very important because it helps your house look clean and it will help you feel better in these difficult times. It’s also a great way to involve your kids in the task and keep them busy for a while.

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