How to Avoid Mess When Your Kids Bake in Your Kitchen?

How to Avoid Mess When Your Kids Bake in Your Kitchen?

by Lucia Sellers

With kids staying at home, it gets really difficult to keep them busy, entertained, and productive at the same time. Baking is one of those activities that most kids usually love as most recipes are age-friendly for them and also fun. Also, cakes and cupcakes are a form of happiness and they rely on them to celebrate special occasions.

The best way to get your children involved in baking is to make them decorate their cupcakes just like the ones we see at The Cupcake Room. Most children have a hidden artist in them and they cannot help enjoying such activities.

However, most parents are scared of the mess that comes right after the start of the process. This, of course, should not compel you to stop your children from doing something constructive.

We have some golden tips to avoid the mess you fear while baking cupcakes.

  1. Measure Over the Sink

The mess is usually caused due to the mishandling of ingredients and equipment. We all know children do not have a grip as strong as their parents so you need to manage accordingly. The ideal way is to tell them to measure ingredients over the sink so that the particles go in the sink and not the shelves. If possible, also instruct them to mix ingredients near the sink so that you can easily wipe it off.

  • Make them Wear Aprons

Children are bound to ruin their clothes when they get involved in such activities. This is an absolute nightmare for parents as usually they are the ones to handle their laundries. But that’s okay. You can always make them wear an apron so their clothes are saved and it’s just the apron you have to wash. Also, a ruined apron is less painful to wash than stained clothes.

  • Go for Easy-to-clean Items

Don’t give them spoons and cups that are hard to wash after use. Try to use dishwasher safe or disposable materials so that your work is reduced. This is a million-dollar tip if you have been running away from doing dishes ever since you took over this work. Even better if you teach your children how to wash dishes, but don’t do so if your child is too young to handle the dishes.

  • Place a Mat or Sheet

Place a plastic sheet over the counter where they are supposed to work. This will make the entire process very convenient for you and you won’t have to worry about cleaning the mess on the shelves. All you need to do is pick up the sheet and discard all the mess. Put the sheet under running water if it is reusable.

  • Keep a Garbage Bowl Around

It is difficult walking up to the garbage can after every minute when you are baking. You should put a container near your child so that they can easily dispose the trash off. This way you will have to spend less time cleaning shelves as all the trash will already be in one place.

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