Sustainable Fashion Trends in 2020

Sustainable Fashion Trends in 2020

by Lucia Sellers

Although we are lucky to be experiencing the facilities offered by the 21st century, it is a misfortune to see our planet deteriorating so fast. From plastic pollution to the water crisis, we are facing it all. The little we can do to fight it is to make our activities as sustainable as possible. One way to do so it is to go for sustainable fashion and save the planet one step at a time. Don’t know how to dress up sustainably? Here is our advice on that.


This might seem disgusting to most of you, but the reality is that it is a great raw material for making textiles. It can be used to make the exact amount of cloth needed to make a garment which saves unnecessary cloth that goes in the waste. The footwear industry is using it to make the foam required to manufactures shoe soles.


The fashion has seen an increase in thrift shopping which is quite great as it promotes the idea reusing and recycling. No doubt, it is much needed in the world today. Whether you need to buy a ready-made garment or a cloth to make one, go to a shop offering second-hand clothing and prevent the situation causing overflowing landfills.

Pineapple Leaves

Who thought that pineapple leaves could be used for textiles? Well, they are being used and it is super healthy for the planet. In fact, pineapple silk was pretty common in the previous times, but with the emergence of new trends and fast fashion, pineapple fibre nearly faded away. But ever since activists have been campaigning about saving the environment, now more and more brands are resorting to pineapple leaves to make textiles. The idea is quite popular in vegan fashion.


Koba is made from corn byproduct. It is mainly being used in faux fur coats and this means it saves the poor animals from being tortured for the sake of making a few garments. We have been noticing the rise of vegan and cruelty-free slogans, so we believe the idea of using Koba will make massive waves in the sustainable fashion industry. There is certainly not anything better which saves thousands of animals from losing their lives.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is by far the safest material you can use to make garments. It does not only save the environment but also save you from multiple skin disorders caused by inorganic materials with toxins. A large number of brands are selling clothes made from organically produced cotton. Balmain is one such brand which offers beautiful organic cotton t-shirts. You can get an organic cotton Balmain t-shirt for women online right now and start your journey to make this world a better place step by step.

Follow these steps to make little contributions towards the betterment of the planet and make it sustainable enough for the generations to come.

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