The Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers

The Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers

by Lucia Sellers

Do you feel a loss of confidence while smiling because of your teeth? It could be because of the damaged teeth or their undesirable shape. You might also feel hesitant to smile. However, most of the time, the teeth are not damaged. Instead, the appearance of your teeth changes. This happens because of the use of food and beverages that can take away the shine of your teeth and make them look yellower.

If it’s the case with you, then you must have thought about various solutions that can fix it. Fortunately, technology is advancing every day to provide better alternatives for various problems. There are numerous treatments for teeth, such as root canals, crowns, bridges, veneers, braces, and many more.

The problem you are suffering from is usually fixed through dental crowns or veneers. The teeth that are chipped or misaligned are best treated with veneers. And today, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of veneers so that you can decide for yourself about the treatment.

About Dental Veneers

Veneers are composed of a thin layer made of porcelain or resin. The material is made by keeping the colour of teeth in mind. Therefore, veneers appear to have white or off white colour. The dentist shapes the veneers according to the actual structure of your teeth. Afterwards, the veneers are attached to your teeth with the help of a special kind of cement.

Generally, there are two types of veneers: temporary and permanent. People often use dental veneers to improve their smile because they hide the damaged teeth or yellow-coloured teeth.

Usually, dentists do not recommend any particular diet while you are wearing veneers. But avoiding dark liquids such as black coffee, wine, or black tea will not tarnish its colour. 

Pros & Cons Of Dental Veneers

The idea of veneers can undoubtedly seem appealing. However, you should know that there are always two sides to a coin. That’s why it’s important to know everything about dental veneers before going on board with them. After all, everything comes with a price, right? So, let’s discuss the pros and cons that dental veneers have to offer.


You must know that veneers can improve your smile. But, what are the other things that it improves? Or why are veneers better than other dental treatments? You can get answers to all these questions by reviewing the pros of dental veneers mentioned in detail below:

Enhances And Fixes Chipped And Discoloured Teeth

You may damage your teeth by eating high pigmented food. Also, using excessive fluoride or having a metallic filling in the teeth can damage them. All these damages can be fixed if you decide to cover your teeth with veneers.

Closes The Gap Between The Teeth

Veneers encase your teeth. Thus, they automatically make it look as if you do not have any gaps in your teeth. Also, if your single tooth is damaged, then you can ask for a single veneer that can cover that one particular tooth.

Moreover, if only one tooth is causing the gap and the rest are perfectly aligned, then you can ask your dentist to shape a veneer only for that tooth so that it can close the gap.

Treatment Is Fast & Effective

Unlike crowns, preparing your teeth for the treatment of dental veneers is not that time-consuming. It’s probably because the treatment is only for the outer layer of your teeth. Besides, veneers are more focused on improving your smile and providing you with the shiny appearance of teeth.

Act As A Replacement For Damaged Enamel

The primary focus of veneers is to enhance your smile and provide you with shiny teeth. Therefore, they work best in cases where the enamel of the teeth is damaged. You should also know that to bond the veneers with your teeth; the enamel is removed so that the cement can adhere to the teeth.

Potent Alternative For Dental Crowns

Dental veneers and crowns both are used to restore damaged or chipped teeth. However, the difference is that dental crowns are used for more complex and deep-rooted damages.

If your teeth have minor problems that concern the outer layer only, or you just have to fill in the gaps between your teeth, then veneers can work best. You do not need to go through extensive treatment.


Surely, veneers can fix a lot of your teeth problems. On the contrary, as discussed earlier, everything has its own downside. You might get your desired perfect smile with veneers but lose another thing in the process. To know all the drawbacks, you can go through the cons mentioned in detail below:

Results Are Irreversible

Loss of natural elements of teeth such as enamel can not be reversed. So, while the veneers significantly improve your smile, they can damage your enamel forever. Therefore, once you choose veneers, you will always need to cover your teeth with them.

Veneers Can Be Damaged

The porcelain is not as solid as your teeth. So, you can’t be careless with them. People with bruxism have higher chances of damaging their veneers. However, they can wear night guards not to damage the veneers.

Expensive Procedure

If you compare the treatment with other ones, then you will find that it’s the most expensive treatment. Sometimes your pocket doesn’t allow you to spend this much only on teeth. You will also need to replace the veneers every 7 or 15 years, depending on the quality of your chosen ones. However, the results are also better as compared to other alternatives.

You Can Experience Sensitivity & Pain

Your enamel is a protective layer that protects you from too hot or too cold food items. During the procedure of veneers, the enamel is removed. Thus, you might experience high sensitivity that can cause unbearable toothache.

Not A Permanent Solution

Even the permanent veneers are not a forever solution. As they are composed of resin or porcelain, the material can start wearing off somewhere between 7 to 15 years.  The time period totally depends upon the amount you have to spend while getting a treatment.


If you weigh the pros and cons of having veneers, the pros are obviously more appealing. Besides, everything comes at a price. And the price that you are going to pay for installing veneers seems nothing in comparison to the result you are going to get. Nonetheless, now that you know the perks and the drawbacks, you can make a conscious decision for yourself.

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