What to Expect During A Dental Checkup: Tips for Nervous Patients

What to Expect During A Dental Checkup: Tips for Nervous Patients

by Lucia Sellers

Having a dental appointment once a month is important for your oral health. There are numerous health benefits to keeping your mouth free from any sort of bacteria or other medical conditions. While an appointment in a month with your dentist might sound easy, some people might feel nervous about it. It is especially the case if they are doing it for the first time.

Dental checkups can be overwhelming, and you might feel over-conscious about yourself. Such intrusive thoughts and feelings are quite normal. However, dealing with them could be tough. So, if you can resonate with this situation and are going to have a first dental checkup soon, then ahead are some tips for nervous patients like you.

Get Familiar With The Team

The best way to overcome the feeling of discomfort is to get familiar with the people who are going to provide you with dental care. If your dentist has several professionals in their team, then you should ask them to let you meet the entire team. A feeling of familiarity can help with nervousness as there is a sense of comfort with the people you already know.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show Your Nervousness

The doctor is there to help you get better. Thus, in order to treat you, their primary job is to make you feel comfortable. If something is making you nervous or you feel uncomfortable for no reason, just let your doctor know about it. They will try to make you feel better with an easygoing treatment.

Extensive Research Can Have A Negative Effect

Some people have the tendency to do extensive research regarding their medical condition. If you are one of those, avoid searching things online before the checkup. Not to mention, you can’t rely on everything you read on the internet as the information might lack authenticity.

If you misdiagnose your situation with the information available online, you might end up getting more nervous than you already are. In a worst-case scenario, you can end up arguing with your doctor over false information that you read online, which can make matters worse.

Try Breathing Techniques

The breathing technique has proven to be helpful in situations when you feel nervous or are on the verge of experiencing an anxiety attack. Slowly breathing in and out helps in calming your heartbeat, which can reduce the effect of anxiety. So, if your appointment is a few minutes away, try inhaling the air through your nose and exhaling it out through your mouth.

Take a deep breath in from your nose and count to 8. When you do it, hold it in for 4 seconds and then release it slowly. While releasing the breath again, count to 8 and then pause for 4 seconds. Repeat this action for few times till you feel better. If you are having an anxiety attack, you can calm yourself by splashing cold water on your face.

Remind Yourself That Your Doctor Is Also A Human

If you are nervous before your appointment with the dentist, then you need to ask yourself about the cause of it. Some people feel nervous because they feel exposed, while some are intimidated by dentists.

If you feel nervous about meeting the doctor and find them intimidating, then you need to know that doctors are also humans. Also, having medical conditions in any part of your body is a normal thing.

Think of your body as a machine that needs regular service to perform better. Your doctor is like a mechanic who will examine you and treat you. The only difference between the machine and you are humanity. Your doctor is a human and will treat you as a human first and then as their patient.

Ask Your Dentist To Write Everything For You

Sometimes you can be too nervous to remember every detail of what your doctor tells you. So, if you feel that you will be unable to grasp all the information, be transparent with your doctor and ask them to write it down for you. It can be beneficial for your future appointments and treatments.

Take A Family Member Or Friend With You Who Can Help You Calm Down

If nothing works for you, then your last resort is to take someone with you who your trust and feel safe with. It could be anyone, your family member, friend or partner. Just ask them to make time for you and explain your situation to them. They will surely be up for it.

A little Anxiety Is Normal

If it’s your first time to a dentist, then a little anxiety before the checkup is normal. Feeling embarrassed about your dental condition is also normal. However, it is not worth stressing over as the job of a dentist is to treat dental conditions. They are used to seeing patients with bad oral conditions. You are not their first; they will not judge you for your current oral condition as you didn’t have any guidance.

Do Not Try New Things To Clean Your Mouth For The Checkup

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is to try new things to clean your mouth right before your checkup. Do not surf youtube to find effective remedies that claim to clean your mouth overnight. Instead, leave your mouth as it is. The only thing you need to do is brush before going out for a dental checkup.

Know That The Dentist’s Job Is To Make Your Situation Better

Before you let your intrusive thoughts win and feel embarrassed about your oral hygiene, you should know that your dentist is there to guide you about the same. Your oral health and hygiene are the reason why you are visiting a dentist in the first place. And you need to remind yourself that their job is to make your situation better.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the tips that you should follow in dealing with your nervousness before your dental checkup. If you are looking for a clinic that can make you feel at home and provide you with exceptional personal attention, then you should visit Brunswick dental clinic.

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