How to Shuck an Oyster Like a Pro

How to Shuck an Oyster Like a Pro

by Lucia Sellers

In summer, the food that’s most commonly liked by the masses in the western world is the Oyster. Their freshness and a pinch of the ocean’s salty scent are perfect for summers. They are also a good source of protein. So, if your trainer has advised you to take a protein-rich diet, then you should definitely include oysters in it.

However, the most challenging task is to shuck an oyster with fitness. If you fail to shuck it properly, the whole fun of it is lost. Today we are going to discuss the steps through which you can shuck an Oyster like a pro.

1. Set up A Perfect Storage System

Unlike other food items that need food dehydrators to store and dry, food Oysters need a cold environment—most people like oysters cold when they shuck them. So, submerging the oyster in ice-cold water would be better.

2. Use The Towel

Keep your oyster on the folded towel. Place it in a way that its hinge points in your right direction. Now fold the towel again on the oyster and make sure that the hinge is exposed.

3. Position The Knife In The Hinge Of The Oyster

To shuck the oyster, an oyster knife is used; they are also known as a stabber. Now take the stabber and work it through the hinge. Try to find the spot where the knife can do its job of shucking the oyster. Do not use too much pressure while doing it.

4. Twisting And Rotating Like A Pro

This is the most crucial step as it requires twisting and rotating the knife once it finds a solid spot. Pop the shell from the bottom by twisting and rotation motion.

5. Keep Rotating The Knife And Separate The Shell

The shell might have popped by performing the previous step, but there might not be enough opening for you. Therefore, keep on twisting the knife until the shells fall apart.

6. Wash The Knife

After separating the shell, you might need to wash your knife as it might have gotten muddy. After you have cleaned the blade properly, you can again go on with the process.

7. Cut Out The Muscle

In oysters, a muscle keeps the bottom and top shells connected. By rotating the knife inside, you might have already damaged it. However, to cut both the shells you need to separate the muscle by cutting it out.

8. Separate The Bottom Shell

To make the oyster smoothly slide into your mouth, you need to serve the muscle of the bottom shell. If the muscle is still attached, it won’t slide out.

Bottom Line

Shucking an oyster needs patience and a lot of practice. You can’t master it in one go. So, do not be disappointed if you do not get it right the first time around. With practice, you can overcome your mistakes. If you do not have an oyster knife, then you should buy oyster shucking knife, as the whole process depends on the oyster knife.

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