From Bean To Brew: A Journey Into The World Of Coffee Roasters

From Bean To Brew: A Journey Into The World Of Coffee Roasters

by Lucia Sellers

Coffee is the most liked food item around the world. Most part of its fondness has to do with the amount of caffeine it has. In the busy world, people want something that can boost their energy levels and kick-start their day. Since a cup of black coffee has all the needed caffeine required to come out of sleep, it is mostly used by corporate employees.

Did you know that coffee tastes the way it does because of its roasting process? If you take green coffee beans to make your coffee, they will not have the same flavour as roasted coffee beans. Some people even develop a liking for coffee, and they want their coffee of top-notch quality.

All these factors can make a coffee lover wonder about the process of making coffee from bean to brew. So, if you are curious to know how coffee is made, then let’s dive into the world of coffee roasters to know all the details.

About Cofee Beans- A Dive Into The History

According to the legend, coffee beans came to life in the highlands of Ethiopia, where a goatherd known by the name Kaldi noticed something different and energetic about his goats.  It was found that his goats became more active and energetic after consuming certain kinds of berries.

Later, the plant that grows these berries was known as the coffee plant, and it rose to popularity in the Arab world. There are four types of species of coffee, namely: excelsa, arabica, liberica and robusta.

Today you can find coffee plantations in various locations like Africa, Asia and America. There have been so many changes in the cultivation, harvesting and preparation of coffee beans. However, the methods of roasting and grinding remain the same.

Coffee Cultivation

Coffee plants grow the best in regions that have high altitudes, volcanic soil and ample rainfall. A coffee plant takes up to 3 to 4 years to mature for its first harvest.

Harvesting & Processing Coffee Cherries

There are two methods of harvesting coffee beans: hand picking and mechanical harvesting. Once the green cherries ripen and take the red colour, the beans are ready to be harvested. Coffee cherries are processed using any one of the two methods: wet processing or dry processing. Processing of coffee cherries involves the extraction of the pulp of the cherries to gather the beans.

Sorting The Green Coffee Beans

Once the coffee beans are harvested and processed, they are then sorted according to their size, shape and colour to categorise them on the basis of their quality. If you are looking for top-notch coffee suppliers, then you can contact Wholesale Coffee Suppliers – Axil Coffee Roasters.

Bean To Brew- Different Types Of Brewing Methods

Brewing the coffee means extracting its flavour and aroma so that you can mix it with milk, cream or water to drink it. There are many ways to brew coffee. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Espresso
  • Drip Coffee
  • Pour Over
  • French Press
  • Cold Brew

Final Thoughts

If you take coffee in a limited amount for regular consumption, it can have numerous health benefits. Besides the health benefits, coffee is now also used by the beauty industry for skincare products as the caffeine in it helps awaken dull skin.

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